Thursday, May 28, 2009

This Week at StandUp For Kids - Worcester

Last Thursday, Sue (Director of Kid Development) did a great job running the volunteer meeting when Kristina (Executive Director) and Rob (Director of Volunteers) were absent.  Thank you, Sue!  And thank you to Donna for taking the minutes!

This past Tuesday, our outreach counselors went out to the streets, as they do every week, and talked to youth.  They are the most dedicated and caring people an outreach program could have.  We could not be where we are today without their commitment. 

Rob ran the monthly volunteer information session on Wednesday, May 27th.  He has put together a wonderful informational presentation.  Come check it out at next month's information session on June 24th.  If you are not interested in volunteering, just come and learn about StandUp For Kids.  We need help in all forms, from donations to spreading the word throughout the community.  You can stand up for kids just by recognizing the fact that there are homeless and at-risk youth out there that need our help. 

This evening, Kristina, Rob, and Mary Ann (Director of Public Relations) wrapped up the second Outreach Center Committee Meeting.  They have made great progress.  Rob has even developed a in depth Outreach Center Plan.

Lastly, thank you to Mary Ann for writing up a short article for the May National Newsletter on our 24 Hours on the Street event (April 24-25, 2009).  A picture of the event is posted above.

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