Thursday, May 7, 2009

Welcome to the StandUp For Kids Worcester Blog!

That's right.  StandUp For Kids Worcester now has a blog.  If you're here, you are probably curious about our program.  StandUp For Kids Worcester is one of over 40 programs across the country who are committed to helping homeless youth ages 21 and under.  

What are we up to this week?
  • Our outreach counselors go to the streets weekly to help homeless and at risk youth in Worcester.
  • A few of us are heading out to see the StandUp For Kids Boston program on Saturday, May 9th.  We'll attend refresher volunteer training and assist the Boston program with a local awareness event.  
Recent Achievements
  • Worcester recently completed 24 Hours on the Street on April 24th and April 25th to raise awareness about youth homelessness.  During the event, we held a Candlelight Vigil, the Walk in the Shoes of a Street Kid, the Turn Purple Campaign, and seven hours of Street Outreach.  Check out the YouTube Video:
Check out this blog on a weekly basis for more about our program.

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