Thursday, June 3, 2010

Check out the updated StandUp For Kids website

The National Site Gets Jazzed Up
The National StandUp For Kids website has been redesigned. Check out the changes at Feel free to e-mail us with your thoughts on it. We'd love to hear from you all.

Also, check out our program site. We are currently redesigning it and revamping the content: Plus note that our program site URL has changed (if you have it saved as a favorite, don't forget to change it).

Help Needed: Our Outreach Drop-in Center
The Worcester program has a great outreach drop-in center we run on Saturday afternoons (12:00 to 4:00). Lately, we've had trouble covering all four hours and could really use some extra outreach counselors. If you are available on Saturday afternoons and want to help youth within your community build their life skills, please contact us at

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