Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thank you Clark University!

We've Got Socks!
Last night, students from a Management Class at Clark University hosted a sock drive for the StandUp For Kids - Worcester program.  The sock drive was held in the cafeteria, where students donated money to try their luck at a sock toss.  Students that successfully threw a sock into the hoop (displayed to the right) won raffle tickets.

A few of our volunteers were there to answer questions about the program:  Rob Donnelly (Director of Volunteers), Sue Kramer (Director of Kid Development), Ken Latham (Outreach Counselor), and Allyson Trull (Director of Outreach).  Money collected during the event will be used to purchase socks in bulk for our kids.

Thank you to the Clark University Management Class for hosting the event and spreading the work about SUFK!  And thank you to all the students at Clark University who participated in the sock drive!  Your donation will provide a homeless or at risk youth with a new pair of socks.

Also, thank you to our volunteers who participated in the event!  And to Sue for taking such wonderful pictures!

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