Thursday, July 30, 2009

Countdown to September

The Outreach Center Update
It's official.  We have an Outreach Drop-in Center for kids that will open in September for one day a week.  The outreach counselors began spreading the word this week to kids.  

Very shortly, we will announce the addition of a new leader to our team: Director of Outreach Center.  

Program of the Month!
Each month, the StandUp For Kids National Office picks a city program as their program of the month.  Worcester just found out we are program of the month for July 2009!  We are so proud of our wonderful team of volunteers.  Each volunteer continues to bring amazing value to the team.  Keep up the good work!

Coming Soon: The Summer 2009 Newsletter
Rob Donnelly is currently working on our Summer 2009 Newsletter.  Articles include:
  • Greetings from the Executive Director
  • Volunteer Spotlight
  • Becoming a Volunteer: A How to Guide
  • Calendar of Events
The newsletter letter will be posted to our official StandUp For Kids City Program site (  A shortcut will be included in an upcoming blog.

Updates to Our Resource Documents
Brian Bickford, Director of Community Resource Development, is currently updating two of our resource documents for kids: Food Pantries & Meals Served and the Long Resource list (includes Job Resources and Transportation).  The outreach counselors use these lists to help out kids on a weekly basis during street outreach.  It's very important to keep these documents up-to-date so that we are providing our kids with the best information possible.

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